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Limpieza viaria

Initial budget / inh.


Initial budget

217.09 M€

% execution

91.62 %
Real Expense is 198.89 M€

% over the total

4.84 %

Avg. expense in the province

3.82 M€

About this budget line

This budget line is composed of expenses in limpieza viaria. If you want to understand more about it, check its parent budget line: Bienestar comunitario

In this budget line

There are no more descendants. Back to parent budget line: Bienestar comunitario.

Expense budget lines distribution

Gastos de personal 3.02% 6.57 M€
Gastos en bienes corrientes y servicios 96.38% 209.22 M€
Inversiones reales 0.60% 1.3 M€