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Participación ciudadana

Expense plan. / inh.


Expense planned

15.38 M€

% execution

59.66 %
Real Expense is 9.18 M€

% over the total

0.33 %

Avg. expense in the province


About this budget line

This budget line is composed of expenses in participación ciudadana. If you want to understand more about it, check its parent budget line: Servicios de carácter general

In this budget line

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Expense budget lines distribution

Gastos de personal 20.65% 3.18 M€
Gastos en bienes corrientes y servicios 41.63% 6.4 M€
Transferencias corrientes 34.96% 5.38 M€
Inversiones reales 2.02% 311,000€
Transferencias de capital 0.74% 113,284€